Alts (Full name: Alternate Accounts) are accounts used by users as accounts for more posting if they are low level, or for gimmicks. Other alts may be there for other reasons, like being able to PM more.

Known AltsEdit

Moocow1234560 - Moocow123450

A_Generic_Cow - Moocow123450

IAmBearGrylls - ColtCababa

Phazon_Master - Dark_Throwback

Dark_Chandler - Chandler014

nekami - NekoHime64

RandomSong - ThatKipp

IwantSandshrew - Thepenguinking2

Active AltsEdit

PikachuSlayer - Moocow123450

Phazon_Master - Dark_Throwback

Dark_Chandler - Chandler014

Closed/Banned AltsEdit

Throwback2780 - Dark_Throwback

Frosted_Chortle - Dark_Throwback

King_Kaizo - Dark_Throwback

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