Dino eggs is the rand board extension of Warflame. People go here to blow off some steam after a tough day or they go here to avoid causing drama in the main forum.

The origins of Dino EggsEdit

Dino Eggs began as a user's personal rant board to blow off some steam whenever he felt like it. However, before long people started to take notice of it. As more people came here from warflame, it started to become an extension of warflame as the official rant board.

How much do you dislike this user?Edit

The user Dark_Throwback, an alternate account of Phazon_Master, created this series in July 20, 2013. Dark_Throwback continued this series for twenty-five days. However, after the twenty fifth day, he finished the series after the user Hollowsea was voted on, claiming that the series caused too much drama. However, a user picked the series up on September 5, 2013. Despite this, the fate of the series is undecided as of now.

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2: How much do you dislike this user? Day Twenty Five: Hollowsea