O LOOOORD AYYYYMEN's sermon00:09


A fanatical follower of some sort of religion, although what religion that is is unclear. His rantings of a figure named "JEEZUSS" suggest a devotion to Potato Jezus, though his unscrupulous and sometimes violent tendencies do not follow His teachings.


With his ALL CAPS text style and his tendency to elongate normal words, he comes off as being extremely theatrical, not to mention loud. His speech is peppered with convoluted sermons, prayers, and pledges to a diety of some sort, showing plainly his fanatical devotion to whatever diety he represents. Some have referred to him as the "Embodiment of Religion", suggesting that the entity he worships is unimportant, and that he's something of a diety himself.

He has been seen Smiting those who disagree with his rantings or make a perceived slight against his religion, revealing his violent and volatile side. He has also murdered through baptism.

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