Passion Pit - "Constant Conversations" (Official Music Video)

Passion Pit - "Constant Conversations" (Official Music Video)

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Truly vicious

The self proclaimed king of Warflame. He is often the center of the controversy that is constantly in the air, although most of the time he does not start conflict. A very popular user indeed, his topics usually break fifty posts easily. A largely misunderstood user at the end of the day.


Hotheaded and arrogant are two words that stick out here. Although he is quick to anger he seems to always have his sense at all times. He is selfish to a fault, most of his topics revolve around him and occasionally Mistress_Zelda. His typing usually has a poetic spice to it to get his point across.

  • He jokes around all of the time
  • Very flirtatious
  • Rude
  • Sensible

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