"[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]"- The Standard way to say a post was moderated.

The "[This message was deleted at the Request of_______] Meme/Joke is a joke used occassionally on Warflame, as well as the Zetaboards to an extent. Sadly, with the latest GameFAQs update, deleted posts no longer have this message, and it is impossible to tell if a message was deleted by the user or a moderator, or even who the user was.

GameFAQs/Zetaboard Uses- ModeratorsEdit

It's original use was by the Moderators of GFAQs. If someone made a "Modworthy" post, and it's modded, the original post is replaced with this. It's possible to use this on the Zetaboard forums as well.

GameFAQs/Zetaboard Uses- WarflamersEdit

The Message was eventually turned into a Gag/Joke however, by Warflame. Though people Do get modded for real, There are times where people use this to either display a part of their post that can get modded, or just to Joke. Same can happen on Zetaboards.

Examples of Joke UseEdit

  • [This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator.]
  • [This message was deleted at the insistence of a moderator or administrator]
  • [This message was deleted at the request of Meta's Corpse]
  • [This message was deleted at the request of- *shot*]

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