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A Group of Forums on the Website, Zetaboards, used to back away from Warflame when things get too full of Dramuh, to Discuss series, blog, etc. The First Warflame Zetaboard was made by DynasticAnthony. There are currently 3 Zetaboards.

Zetaboards Made:Edit

  • SSBU- Made by DynasticAnthony, the First WF Zetaboard. Home to FE Blogs, and was used to talk to WoW during his absence.
  • Super Wet Psy Land- Made by Wall_Of_Wegee, this board was made to talk to Wegee directly. It was abandoned however after his final Departure. Currently Inactive.
  • Pokemon Domain- Made by Chandler014, The Most Recent Zetaboard. Home To Micsellanous Blogs, including Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and Metroid, and used to discuss about Pokemon.